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Venta wishes to thank these companies, for making their employees' air a top prioritiy

In many well known companies Venta Airwashers are used.

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Customer experiences


    „The Venta is a joy to use in my bedroom. I am very pleased to be breathing clean and humidified air during the night. When I have a cold, the option of adding the Eucalyptus fragrance is very healing and soothing. The Citrus Garden or Vanilla fragrances give the air a burst of freshness!“

    Simone Thomalla, Actress


    "I use the Airwashers almost every day, especially now that the pollen count is fairly high.

    In February and March the air humidity was constantly very low. I found it very pleasant to spend time in the rooms containing the Airwashers. You can really feel the cleaner air. I’ve had relatively few problems with pollen lately (but that could be partly due to my pregnancy). In any case, I am absolutely satisfied with the Venta Airwashers, particularly as I have already tried other air cleaners and never felt positive results."

    Magdalena Neuner, retired biathlete, 2 x Olympia gold, 12 x World Champion, Wallgau, Germany

    Magdalena Neuner


    As a former professional athlete and mother of two children, a healthy lifestyle is extremely important to me. That is why we are especially pleased with our high-quality Venta Airwasher, which now supplies our home with fresh, clean air every single day. We are delighted and completely satisfied customers and can highly recommend these appliances.

    Our heartfelt thanks goes to the Venta Team!”

    Anni Friesinger-Postma, 3-time Olympic Champion, 16-time World Champion, most successful athlete in World Single Distance Speed Skating Championships


    “Wherever I perform in the world: my agents are required to provide Venta Airwasher, because my priceless violin needs the best possible environment. Only Venta gives me the peace of mind that the air humidification will be perfect.”

    Nigel Kennedy, Musician, London, United Kingdom


    Venta is proud to share that their first US clients, the "Masters of the Impossible" Sigfried and Roy, are fans of the Venta Airwasher: "We love the Airwasher and we would recommend it to others who are interested in its benefits: no filter pads, very hygienic and super-easy maintenance. Venta Airwasher is already the top-selling brand in Germany and Europe and we wish them the same success in the United States."

    Siegfried and Roy, Las Vegas, USA


    "I can recommend the Venta Airwasher without hesitation. I have tried out a large number of air humidifiers and air purifiers. As far as I am concerned there is nothing better than the Venta Airwasher. It protects me from dry and bad indoor air. I noticed that particularly in Germany, when I appeared in the Classic Night in Aschaffenburg."

    José Carreras, Tenor, Barcelona, Spain


    "We have had the Airwasher in operation for over four weeks now, and I am happy to tell you that our experience and tests have proved highly positive. My staff and I are very satisfied with the appliance."

    Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. G Pulverer, Director of the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene at the University of Cologne, Germany


    "Since December 1987, we have had a Venta Airwasher operating in our executive office to our complete satisfaction. Its air purification has far exceeded our expectations. The Venta Airwasher is hygienic, easy to operate and maintain, and runs with a low noise level. We can wholeheartedly recommend this appliance."

    Scheeler, Purchasing Dept., Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Hamburg, Germany


    "The Venta Airwashers we ordered from you have been in operation in our 1290 sq. ft. open-concept office for several months now. Our staff is particularly bothered by the nuisance of dust within this building. The Venta Airwashers have greatly reduced that nuisance. These appliances make little noise and are really very easy to operate and maintain. The additives ensure that there is always a pleasant fragrance in the air. Maintenance is problem-free and the chore of changing filter pads is eliminated. We can recommend this appliance at any time and shall buy further units as the need arises."

    L. Stegmann, Administration, Sanyo Semiconductors (Europe) GmbH, Germany


    "On account of a marked allergy to pollen (hay fever) from which both my children and I suffer, I have looked for ways to help reduce the pollen count in our home and improve the indoor air at the same time. With the Venta Airwasher, it proved possible to significantly reduce the number of sneezing fits my children suffer during pollen season. The nasal mucous membranes dried out noticeably less as well. I have observed that the "dry nose" problem can be reduced considerably with the aid of the Venta Airwasher, even in the winter. By the way, you'll note that the plants in our sun room are also thriving."

    Prof. G. Bastert M.D., Director of the University Gynaecological Clinic and Outpatients' Clinic, Homburg, Germany


    "The Venta Airwasher has consistently been one of our best selling products during the winter seasons. We only have satisfied customers due to the dependability and long-term life of the product. The price is also reasonable: when you compare the cost of purchasing a separate humidifier, purifier and the filter pads that each unit requires, than you realize that within 2–3 years the Venta Airwasher is actually the better value. Many of our customers buy the Venta Airwasher strictly on the basis of recommendation from their family and friends."

    KaDeWe – the largest department store on the European continent, Berlin, Germany


    “Gracious Home pays the highest attention to quality and service in order to satisfy the demands of discerning customers. The Venta Airwasher has impressed us and our clients by its easy maintenance and brilliantly simple construction. We were surprised by selling more than 1,000 units in our two stores last year. We loved to sell the Airwasher: no complaints, no returns."

    William Herring, Senior Buyer, Gracious Home, New York, USA


    "Venta Airwasher is a home-run product. We are absolutely convinced of the incomparable quality and the unique technology. It's not cheap, but it's worth the money. No returns, only satisfied customers. I have recommended Venta to many fellow ACE dealers."

    Jeremy Melnick, Gordon's ACE, Chicago, USA


    "I am extremely pleased with the quality of the Venta Airwasher and its easy maintenance."

    Paul Teven, Owner, Best Vacuum, Chicago, USA


    I would like to thank Venta for having such a reliable and fine machine as the LW44. I have recommended this product to hundreds of people.

    Nancy B.


    We have two Venta Airwashers and really like them - so much better than those condensation humidifiers. But today we’re especially pleased because, when one of our washers quit working, I called the 888 number and a delightful agent, walked me through the process of disassembling and cleaning the Venta Airwasher. It wasn’t hard, once I knew what to do. And it works like new again.
    Thank you Venta

    Virginia H., Chicago, IL 60657


    I would like to thank you for your cordial attitude and informed, technical knowledge that you shared when we spoke on the phone today regarding my Venta Airwasher. It is refreshing to deal with a service-oriented company who stands behind their product warranty in a timely fashion. As we discussed, I have three Venta Airwashers with my first LW24 being purchased in 2007, followed later by two LW44 units because I found them to be exceptional in providing quality air to breathe in my home. I couldn’t be more pleased in Venta Airwashers. These systems are phenomenal.

    Thank you again for great warranty service and providing such an exceptional great product.

    Very truly yours,

    Terry M., Overland Park, KS


    Hello. We have purchased three Venta humidifiers in the past few months on the recommendation of a Medical Doctor friend. They are very easy to set up, use and work exactly as expected.
    The mechanics of the Venta are simple, well made, very few breakable parts and it works reliably, and quietly. Excellent company with an excellent product.
    Highly recommended.

    Water M., NY


    We are very pleased with both of our Ventas, an LW25 & LW45. We have a living area of 1400 sq ft and heat with wood. They keep the house at 55% humidity and are on 24 hrs/day. The first sign of our house being too dry is that I have nose bleeds constantly. With the Ventas on no nosebleeds and no dry skin or lips. We have purchased just about every brand of humidifiers and vaporizers. All the humidifiers needed new filters constantly and didn’t get the job done. With the money we spent, we could have purchased several Ventas.
    The Venta is very easy to maintain, clean & fill. Both the 25 and the 45 are very quiet, and are attractive sitting in each room. I can’t say enough good things about the Venta Airwasher other than keep up the good work of producing a wonderful product! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to any person looking for a humidifier or to replace either one of the two we have.

    Marty S., Silex, MO


    We love our Venta Airwasher so much that we have purchased one for each of our grandchild's bedrooms! The Venta Airwasher is an absolute necessity in homes to replace the moisture that wintertime and heating takes out.
    Lastly the Airwasher is quiet and easy to use and maintain. I would highly recommend the Venta Airwasher to everyone!

    Paula D., Haverhill, MA


    I have owned Venta for several ( approx 8 years) I had 2 LW44 and gave one to my daughter and she loves it. Sometime last year I accidentally donated the other one. I now have a LW24. I may purchase a LW45 in the near future to replace the LW44 I had. In my opinion Venta is still the best air washer / humidifier on the market. You competition, such as Air O Swiss, is not even close ( I read all the reviews I can ). So....GO VENTA !

    Marty C., Rochester NY, USA


    My (German) wife and I have used the Venta model L44 air washer and humidifier now for several years. It provides effective humidification at an almost inaudible noise level, does not require changes in filters, and has been eminently dependable over the course of four years of use. Recently, when a technical issue developed, a telephone call to the home office resulted in a correct diagnosis of the possible problem and replacement parts were provided with clear description of replacement needs. Our experience has been very positive with the domestic staff that represent this wonderfully designed, German manufactured product.

    Dr. J. Warren H.,Wayland, MA


    I recently bought a new house, and wanted a humidifier for the house to keep the house from getting to dry for my sinuses. I did some research and found the Venta LW45. It was more than I wanted to spend, but after reading reviews on how it cleans the air in the house I thought, I might as well purchase the Venta LW45. I got it going and noticed when I clean it out every week, how dirty the water is. I do noticed less dust in my place. I’m impressed with how it cleans the air!! Well worth the money!!

    Chad S., Stillwater, OK


    I recently bought the Venta lw25 after doing a long search for a humidifier. When I received it, it was easy, to assemble, almost to easy. Then after using it, I can say it's better than advertised. My bedroom is a dry warm and dusty room and after some time of being there you will feel the effect on your eyes and nose, causing me to sneeze ect Venta keeps the air humid and clean, when I walk into my bedroom I want to take a deep inhale of the clean slightly cool air, not to mention how quiet it is I keep it running all day long and I love this thing

    Martin A.


    Have been a longstanding satisfied customer of your product! Between the fine quality product and the great customer service we have been sold on the Venta! It Continues to humidify our home - we use two!
    Switched to this after using "traditional humidifiers" for winter and haven't looked back since buying these machines!

    Paul P., Chicago, IL


    I can't even remember when we bought the first Venta Airwasher -- it is likely about 10 years ago. It was recommended to us by the people at Best Vacuum on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago and they said it was by far the best product on the market. We now own two, the smaller capacity one being perfect for house guests in Chicago during the long winter of extremely dry indoor heating. The ease of operation and cleaning, the lack of residue on furniture and its excellence at providing what it promises -- humidity -- has made it our winter appliance of choice. The price was hard to absorb initially but we're so glad we made this choice.

    Nancy & Don B., Chicago, IL


    Hi, I bought a Venta LW15 about 10 months ago and absolutely love it! I moved to Ventura, California about 5 years ago and have suffered what the doctors told me were unspecified allergies ever since... had all the tests, bought $500+ of special bedding as "dust mite allergy" was suspected, even though I tested negative.

    Craig L., Ventura, CA


    Well, I just wanted to thank you for being so helpful regarding the motor on my Venta air purifier. Replacing the motor and even delivering it to my son's home was service above and beyond! I have told several people about the super service you gave me and posted a sterling review on Amazon (although it did not come from Amazon!).

    I am so happy to have a nicely humid bedroom to sleep in without having wet floors and furniture. Thanks again for all your help

    Sharon S., Chicago area


    At the time we spoke, I had mentioned how long we have had our Venta Airwasher. We have had ours for 10 years, and this is the first time we have needed a part for it. WE LOVE IT!! It has been a great addition to our home, and we would not ever be without one. Besides, how many items in this day and age would last this long after working every day for 10 years. It was well worth the money and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great humidifier.


    We live in a big, 100-year old house whose air gets quite dry during heating season. We need humidifiers for our family’s health. We also need them for keeping our antique furniture and a variety of musical instruments in good condition. We’ve tried other types of humidifiers, but settled on Venta several years ago… we now have three large airwashers and two small ones.Here are some of the reasons why we like the Ventas:

    - they never leak
    - there’s no white dust
    - they don’t need filters
    - they can be filled in place easily with a narrow-spout watering can (instead of having separate tanks which have to be brought to a sink to be filled and then lugged back to the humidifier while they are heavy because of their contents)
    - they’re generally rugged and reliable

    If anything goes wrong, Venta's customer service department is astoundingly good.



    I have owned console humidifiers for many years. At times I questioned whether or not it was worth the effort to keep them. Filters, problems with leaking, etc. I am very pleased with my Venta LW45. It is energy efficient, quiet and works as advertised.

    Sincerely yours,

    Donald V.


    It is very dry indoors durring the winters here in Colorado. After going through several other brands of humidifiers we finally decided to puchase a Venta LW44 about ten years ago. What a difference! We run the unit 24 hours a day from around the first of November until the weather starts warming up in April. We now have two LW44's at home and two at our office. They make a huge diffenece in dry itchy skin and nose bleeds caused by the low humidity.

    John B., Centennial, CO


    Last week I have purchased the ,Type LW 25, VENTA Airwash Air Humidifier/Air Cleaner atBed Bath and Beyond.Beeing one of the leading noise control engineer in the US, educated in Germany, the "Made in Germany" attribute had influenced my choice.The performance of the unit has exceeded my expectation. It is extremely quiet and keeps my 16ft x 24 ft bedroom humidified with a single fill all night. I am intrigued with the simple unique construction. It is far superior to all humidifiers I had before.

    All in all, hearthfelth congratulations for the VENTA engineering design team.



    I highly recommend Venta Airwashers. I have a grand piano that was very adversely affected by the dryness here in the Midwest. I purchased a Venta Airwasher and the issues with the piano were resolved. I appreciate the fact that the Venta Airwashers do not require any changing of a filter. Thanks to Venta for their excellent design. 

    Betsy G.


    As per our phone conversation, I just purchased our second Venta Airwasher LW 45. We purchased our first several years ago and have been very impressed with the air quality results in our home, which led me to this purchase. We utilize our fireplaces in the cold season and of course run the AC in the warm season. We rely on the Hygrometer, that we purchased from you, to monitor the humidity in the house.

    As I put the new unit together Saturday, I recognized how dirty our original unit was (the upper portion with the motor), which prompted my call to you for assistance. Upon reading the enclosed owner’s manual, it became apparent that I could tackle the cleaning of our older unit, which I did with ease yesterday. To my surprise, it cleaned up and looks as good as the new unit!

    Thank you for you timely return call!

    Ed A.


    I have owned a Venta Airwasher since December 2013. It has been the best investment I ever made. After using many other brands in the past, I find Venta to be the easiest to use and most reliable humidifier. The maintenance is also very uncomplicated. I don’t have to worry about changing filters or expensive parts every few weeks. I also have to say that the customer service has been very attentive to my needs and responsive. I was always been able to speak to someone who quickly gave me advice regarding a question I had or resolved my problem promptly. We use our Venta everyday, all day and all night and are extremely pleased with the product. I LOVE my Venta and strongly recommend this product.

    Angela R. Ph.D.


    I’ve been a loyal Venta Airwasher for over 10 years and have one in each bedroom as well as the living room. “Airwasher” is a great term – it literally cleans the air as it humidifies the air. What you feel is comfort, not dampness. This is truly a wonderful product.

    I bought my first Airwasher on the recommendation from our local hardware store and hesitated a bit because of the price. But I trusted this local business owner and I’m so glad I did. The dryness o the winter air used to be a big problem for me. From the moment I began using the Airwasher, I noticed vast improvement in the way I felt: my eyes and skin were no longer itchy and dry, I wasn’t sneezing as much and my hair no longer had the static it usually had in the winter. I immediately bought an Airwasher for every bedroom. My daughters and I all have environmental allergies and the airwashers made a huge positive difference in the way we felt. I sent them off to college with their own Airwashers!

    At one point, my elderly mother was complaining at one point about persistent nightly nosebleeds in the winter. After a single night of using her new Airwasher the nosebleeds ceased and she slept better.

    The Airwashers are easy to use, easy to clean and quiet, and very well made. I’ve had all of mine for many years with nothing more than annual cleaning, and an occasional deep clean. Although I’ve rarely needed to call them, the company’s customer service is exceptional.

    Karen H.


    I just wanted to let you know how great your service people are!
    It has been a real pleasure dealing with Venta and I would highly recommend the products.

    Best regards,

    Gary K.


    I just love these machines, so easy to clean. I use vinegar and water when cleaning them, 123 and your done. 


    Joyce W.



Using Venta air washers has multiple benefits.The Venta Airwasher is the first appliance for homes and offices using the principle of air washing without filter pads.

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